Star Wars: Hunters
Star Wars: Hunters

Jedi Droid

Arena Persona

Custom-built to provide an authentic Jedi experience, J-3DI comes with an iconic blue lightsaber, databank of Jedi wisdom, and simulated Force abilities. Fans that doubt a droid can be a Jedi may soon be convinced otherwise when they see him fight in the Arena.

Sprocket is J-3DI’s closest ally as he built and programmed the droid himself. They’ve been fast friends ever since.

Star Wars: Hunters
Star Wars: Hunters



A powerful lightsaber for a powerful Jedi! J-3DI wields his blue lightsaber with the grace and precision of an expert swordsman, laying waste to his enemies beneath its devastating blade.

Passive moves
Spare Parts

As you take damage you shed spare parts which you can pick up to heal yourself.


 J-3DI uses his lightsaber and simulated Force abilities to dominate enemies. His databank of Jedi wisdom also helps him keep an edge on opponents.

Hold your lightsaber out and spin from the waist, damaging all enemies around you.
Star Wars: Hunters
Star Wars: Hunters

Meet the Hunters

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