Star Wars: Hunters
Star Wars: Hunters

Rodian Sawbones

Arena Persona

A chemistry genius, Skora uses her fiendish intellect to engineer stims for allies and poisons for enemies. This skill served her well during her former days as a medic for the Hutt Cartel. If her close ties to the criminal underworld weren’t alarming enough; she also has an affinity for pulling pranks that have resulted in more than a few explosions in the Arena.

Skora is allies with Imara Vex from past bounty missions, where she frequently patched Vex up. But that’s as deep as the relationship goes – business associates.

Star Wars: Hunters
Star Wars: Hunters


Dart Gun

A weapon as tricky as its wielder. Skora’s Dart Gun could help her allies or hurt her enemies, only the trickster Rodian knows which it will be! 

Passive moves

Automatically heal yourself when out of combat.


Skora prowls around the fringes of the battlefield, healing allies and damaging enemies with her multi-purpose Dart Gun. Her abilities help give teammates an edge in every fight, while she maintains a safe distance from combat.

Throw a large canister creating a pool which heals allies and damages enemies.
Star Wars: Hunters
Star Wars: Hunters

Meet the Hunters

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