Balada's Bounty

Welcome Hunters Fans to Balada’s Bounty!
Star Wars: Hunters
Star Wars: Hunters
Star Wars: Hunters

Balada the Hutt, the Arena’s benevolent co-owner, likes to bestow gifts upon the most devoted fans.

Completing Events can gain you fantastic rewards! Make progress in Balada’s Bounty by finishing other seasonal events and claiming the final reward, running from September 14th to November 6th. 

All events during The Great Hunt season count towards progress in this event!

To access the events, navigate to “Events” using the sidebar in the main menu.

Rewards for completing Balada’s Bounty include a Sentinel and Sprocket Costume, a Weapon Wrap, a Huttball Sticker and an Utooni Victory Pose! 

Let the Hunt begin!