Game Update: October 11th, 2022

Star Wars: Hunters
Star Wars: Hunters
Star Wars: Hunters


We’re excited to introduce the fourth game mode in our line up; Squad Brawl! This mode joins Control, Escort and Huttball in the Battle playlist.

Squad Brawl features 2 squads of 4 players competing to rack up eliminations, with the following rules:

  • The first Squad to reach 20 eliminations wins

  • If the 6 minute timer runs out, the squad with the most eliminations wins

  • Overtime: If scores are tied when the timer runs out, the first elimination in the next 30 seconds claims victory

Squad Brawl is featured on some of our most popular and beloved maps, modified with additional pickups and a moody new night lighting scheme. Squad Brawl also introduces a new respawning rule; Hunters respawn closer to their allies and near the action, instead of in the spawn rooms.

Star Wars: Hunters
Star Wars: Hunters
Star Wars: Hunters


Escort Mode

We’ve implemented several changes to continue balancing the playing field between the attacking team (delivering the payload) and the defending team (stopping the payload) while also improving the overall experience: 

  • Removed Payload healing for the defending team

  • Allow the Payload to heal the attacking team, even if it is contested

  • Attacking team only requires 2 players (down from 3) to move the Payload at maximum speed

  • Payload starts rolling back after 10 seconds if attackers do not remain within the Payload boundary, while the defenders proximity does not push back the Payload

  • If a Payload starts rolling backwards, it moves at a single consistent speed regardless of any defenders near it

Huttball Mode

Huttball will now require 3 goals to win (down from 5) to bring duration in line with other modes.

The Highline map has been temporarily moved out of map rotation in order to roll in our new Squad Brawl maps and will return in a later release.

Matchup Mayhem Iteration

Improved logic to reduce repetition of Hunter and Costume choices.

Respawn Timers

Removed the increase of respawn timers when squad mates are eliminated and increased respawn timers when in overtime to help resolve the game quicker.

Map Iteration

Improved existing map flow and clamberable ledges to better support player traversal.


Player XP and Progress

  • Players will now earn player XP directly from playing matches. The amount of XP earned will depend on the match result.

  • Players will no longer earn credits from matches. Instead, credits are now awarded more liberally in other areas of the game.

  • Players will now unlock Hunters and Game Modes through player level progression.

  • Player level rewards now appear directly in the player profile, accessible from the main menu.

Please note that these Player XP changes will not take effect immediately, but will be enacted in the coming weeks.

Star Wars: Hunters
Star Wars: Hunters
Star Wars: Hunters


Move Speed

Increased all Hunters' base movement acceleration.

Movement Abilities

Improved speed, animation & movement feel of Imara Vex's Grapple,  Zaina's Combat Roll and Rieve's Relentless Pursuit.

Ability Animations

Reduced time locked into ability animations for Grozz's Frenzy, J-3DI's Overhead Slam, Zaina's Rallying Cry, Utooni's Ion Imploder, Rieve's Vicious Leap and Imara Vex's Grapple. J-3DI’s melee animations have been reworked.

Imara Vex

Seeker Salvo initial launch direction improved, increasing accuracy at close range


Melee damage from Grozz's primary attack and frenzy ability has been increased from 18 > 22. Allowed using other abilities to interrupt Frenzy, as it felt too restrictive to be locked in for the duration. Improved physics and reliability of Boulder Bash.


Changed deployable droids to have degrading health to reduce map clutter.


Changed Stand Firm passive to increase accuracy when still rather than rate of fire to be more intuitive and forgiving. Changed Suppressing Fire to be a single burst rather than ammo swap so it is more useful and impactful. Tweaked Sentinel’s Ultimate, Empire's Finest, so that the additional stormtroopers no longer have 100% accuracy, making them just slightly more in line with the average stormtrooper.

Star Wars: Hunters
Star Wars: Hunters
Star Wars: Hunters


Star Wars Hunters

This update includes several new cosmetics! There are six new costumes and weapon wraps, two intro animations, one victory pose, and four avatars, which will primarily be obtained through the Arena Pass.

Star Wars: Hunters
Star Wars: Hunters
Star Wars: Hunters


  • Optimized various audio and added new SFX, Music and VO

  • Added option of a HUD layout optimized for large screens such as tablets

  • Fixed layout and spacing issues on some devices

  • Fixed several performance and graphical issues affecting the Galaxy S22

  • Fixed some occasional crashes when in the front end

  • Fixed enemy outlines sometimes disappearing

  • Player's auto-fire and any auto-controlled allies will now fire on enemies hidden behind smoke if they are revealed by a Hunter ability (such as Imara Vex’s Tracking Scan)

  • Players will now auto-lock onto an enemy if they are successfully grabbed by Grozz's Stampede when Abilities Auto-Lock Camera is turned on

  • In-Match tips for basic controls will not be shown if the player has completed the tutorial

  • In Huttball, each team will get a Draw if scores are even after Overtime, with better rewards than a Loss

  • Corrected an issue so Skora and Sprocket saving heals accurately count towards the Saving Heals stat in the Player Stats menu

Star Wars: Hunters
Star Wars: Hunters
Star Wars: Hunters


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