Game Update: September 13th, 2023

Star Wars: Hunters
Star Wars: Hunters
Star Wars: Hunters
Players, you’ll want to make sure your weapons are holstered and you’re ready to go. This is a big update!


Star Wars Hunters

The ultimate huntsman has arrived! Charr the Trandoshan Trapper is tracking down his opponents like big game in the Arena!

Charr is an expert hunter, trapper, and tracker with a reverence for wildlife and big game animals.

Although he may initially appear calm and calculated, once he loses his patience his ferociousness takes over!

Find out more about Charr and his abilities in our full Hunter release blog!

Charr is the Arena Pass Hunter for this season so don’t miss your chance to claim the Trandoshan Trapper.

Star Wars: Hunters
Star Wars: Hunters
Star Wars: Hunters


Star Wars Hunters

Get ready to blast off to the pivotal conflict between the Empire and the Rebellion with an all new Arena that has been meticulously built, so it looks and feels like you’re fighting across the real Death Star II!

Players will navigate the crossfire of these warring factions, as X-wings and TIE fighters swoop overhead past heavy fire from Turbolaser towers. Navigate devastating crash sites and classic Imperial interiors in this exciting new Arena experience!

To catch a first glimpse of our new map, check out our latest video flying through Death Star Crossfire.

Star Wars: Hunters
Star Wars: Hunters
Star Wars: Hunters


Who is TR0-F33?

Meet TR0-F33! This adorable droid was custom built by Sprocket to be the mascot of Trophy Chase. TR0-F33 is a mischievous and childlike-droid that loves to dance and be part of the action. J-3DI sees him as an annoying little brother who doesn’t take his job seriously enough, but everyone else is utterly charmed by the droid!

How does Trophy Chase work?

Well, two squads of four Hunters fight to hold our brand new Trophy Droid, named TR0-F33! The squad carrying TR0-F33 will earn points for every second they hold him, and the first squad to reach 100% wins!

Star Wars Hunters

Trophy Chase is available on the following five maps:

  • Mos Espa Waystation

  • Ewok Village

  • Mos Espa Podrace

  • Dune Sea Outpost

  • The NEW map, Death Star Crossfire

Other Game Mode Changes:

You can now play Control mode on the Mos Espa Waystation!

We have added a new "Interact" button that provides easier access in various game modes.

It works with controllers (mapped to Switch Y, PS Square, XBox X).

Star Wars: Hunters
Star Wars: Hunters
Star Wars: Hunters


Star Wars Hunters

We’ve introduced a new quest system to help guide players on their journey through the Arena, and provide players with additional challenges to overcome and master! To understand Quests in depth we will be releasing a full blog post going into detail on how they work.

In relation to the launch of Quests and the change in Hunter upgrades, we have given all players a free Ability reset, don't forget to reassign your ability points!

Star Wars: Hunters
Star Wars: Hunters
Star Wars: Hunters


Our Friends and Parties systems have been updated. Friends and Parties have been split into two separate menus, and the Friends system will now be available from the new Social Screen. 

The Social Screen is divided into five major categories:

  • Add Friends: Add friends by searching for their Player Name.

  • Friends: Manage all current friends – add, remove, view profile, add to Party, and block can all be found in this screen.

  • Suggested: View a list of suggested friends comprised of players you have recently played a match with or against.

  • Invites: Manage a list of friend invites you’ve received from other players.

  • Blocked: Manage a list of players you’ve chosen to block.

Players also have Status information to indicate what players are currently doing in-game: Online, Offline, In Match, In Your Party or In Another Party. You can set yourself to appear online or offline to other players. We have also improved the notifications for our Friends system.

In Parties you now gain 10% Bonus Arena XP!

Home Party Tab Update:

  • The number of online Friends is now visible

  • The player and party leader now have iconography to make their roles clear.

New Party Screen:

  • Invite your Friends, accept invites and now even invite suggested players to your Party.

  • New ready up screen will show you when you're ready to go and quickly link you to queue up for a match.

  • Manage your Party from this screen, add and remove Party members and also view your Party member's details.

A new Social Widget has been added, visible from any screen:

  • This widget now acts as a quick way to jump to the Party screen

  • While in the Party screen, tap on this to go to the new Social screen

  • The social widget will show your Party's current size.

Star Wars: Hunters
Star Wars: Hunters
Star Wars: Hunters


There are 194 new pieces of Cosmetic content going out in 0.18.0.

Star Wars Hunters

This includes:

  • 88 Costumes and Weapon Wraps 

  • 26 items for our new Hunter - Charr 

  • 55 Stickers 

  • 23 Avatars

  • 28 Victory Poses.

Star Wars Hunters

There is so much stuff coming out for you to pick up during this update so make sure to keep an eye out for when it drops!


The Roster environment has seen a big visual upgrade! Every Hunter now has their own unique dynamic screen graphics and lighting that reflect their themes and personas.


We’ve updated the term “Ability Variants” to “Ability Upgrades”, and have adjusted the cost of the upgrades themselves. 

These changes are intended to provide a more intuitive understanding of the system, and give players more flexibility in spending their first few ability points. This change should also make spending on Ability Upgrades more balanced for players as they level up.



Combat Shield Amplify Upgrade has been reworked. The Level 1 mechanic, increased weapon damage on activation, is now at Level 5.

The Level 5 mechanic, increased weapon damage on Shield hit, is now at Level 1.

This change makes the Upgrade track more useful for players leveling Sentinel, as the Shield is hit many times during a single activation.

Suppressing Fire Blitz Upgrade has had the inaccuracy aspect of it removed. The main choice between these Upgrade tracks is now between slowing down or knocking back.

Sentinel’s weapon damage has also been increased from 9 (18 Critical) to 10 (20 Critical).


Faux Pull is a core part of J-3DI's kit, but with a 14 second cooldown it was not having the intended impact in the Arena. The cooldown has been reduced to 11 seconds and the Upgrade tracks also reflect this change.


Rieve is fast and a very strong Hunter, but her ability cooldowns are all too long to support this playstyle consistently. From this we have reduced Ruthless Pursuit’s cooldown from 8 to 7 seconds. Lightsaber Throw’s cooldown has also been reduced from 11 seconds to 9 seconds. Upgrade tracks also reflect these changes.


The speed of Grozz's Stampede has been increased by 20% as the current speed made it too easy for enemies to dodge.

Stampede Thrash Upgrade damage has increased from 50 to 70 at Level 1.

Grozz's Upheaval Ability is mainly focused around utility, setting Grozz up for a Stampede or making it easier for allies to eliminate the opponents. This is not meant to be a damage ability that focuses on eliminations. The damage has been reduced from 50 to 30. Upheaval Quake Upgrade damage has been reduced from 75 to 45 at Level 1.

War Cry Bolster Upgrade Temporary Health for allies has been increased from 70 to 80.

Upgrade tracks also reflect all of these changes.


Utooni's push and pull playstyle should have long range opponents attacked by the Pulse Blaster and close range opponents attacked with the Arc Caster. Currently the Arc Caster range is slightly too long to promote this playstyle.

The Arc Caster distance has been reduced by ~15%. The minimum damage Arc Caster can do has been increased from 12 to 15.

The Pulse Blaster damage has also been decreased from 55 to 50.

Utooni's Surprise Passive Ability has also received a large tuning update. The radius has been reduced by ~40% but the fuse time has been shortened by 0.25 seconds. The damage has also been increased from 55 to 100.


Skora's healing and temporary health output make her incredibly strong. She currently dominates the support category and is much more powerful than her counterparts.

Her weapon damage has been reduced from 13 to 12 per tick. Her weapon healing has been reduced from 22 to 20 per tick.

Her passive healing has also been reduced from 11 to 10 per tick.

Stim-Shot temporary health has also been reduced from 175 to 125. These changes are also reflected in her Upgrades.


All proximity mines will now deploy instantly.


Slingshot is meant to be a mobile tank, his speed allows him to get in and out of battle while causing as much disruption as possible. The following changes will give him extra survivability, mobility and impact in the Arena.

Slingshot’s health has been increased from 300 to 325.

Slingshot’s weapon damage has been increased from 10 (20 Critical) to 12 (24 Critical).

Trickshot cooldown has been reduced from 10 seconds to 8 seconds.

Trickshot damage has been increased from 60 to 70.

Trickshot Energize Upgrade maximum charge required has been reduced from 2.5 seconds to 2 seconds.

Scatterboom cooldown has been reduced from 12 seconds to 9 seconds.

Scatterboom core and Spread Upgrade area of effect have been increased.

All these changes have also been reflected in all Upgrade tracks.


Targeting Droid Pester Upgrade duration has been increased from 4 seconds to 6 seconds. This is also reflected in the individual levels of this Upgrade track.


A new screen has been added Post-Match that shows current progress for individual challenges, the Arena Pass, Events, Quests, and more.

Players can claim challenge rewards directly from this new screen. Players will still need to claim event milestone rewards from the Events page directly.

This change will be rolled out to all players by week 3 of the season.

Also, Players level 7 and up will only see the Player XP and Hunter Fame screens after a match when they’re close to leveling up.


New, gamepad-specific Settings screen is used when a controller is attached. This is fully navigable using gamepad and includes all options from the touch Settings screen in a more gamepad-accessible form, in addition to controller-specific options for aim sensitivity and joystick dead zones that are not present on the touch Settings screen.

We have also added functionality to remap gameplay controls on a per-Hunter basis.

Plus, functionality to select controller type, along with appropriate button icons for each controller type in the HUD and Menus.

Players can now confirm leaving the Training Grounds using controller input.

On Android, we have fixed cases of misidentifying other connected peripherals as gamepads. Also on Android we have fixed in-match HUD erroneously switching to gamepad layout when buttons are pressed on other connected peripherals, such as volume controls.


We have also added new options to Settings allowing players to customize the level of aim assist they receive on both touch and controller.


Facebook as a log in method is going to be phased out over this update.

We have also been working hard on general bug fixes and performance improvements.

With this update, we will also be resetting the Player Match History. This will now be done periodically with future updates.