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Greetings Hunters Fans,

Thank you so much for joining us in the Arena on beautiful Vespaara since Star Wars: Hunters officially launched worldwide on June 4! We have loved seeing so many players getting to meet our Hunters and the team is so excited to read and hear the great feedback you have shared.

This blog is the source for news about our future plans for Star Wars: Hunters, from feature and content roadmaps to feedback from the development team — and hopefully even a few surprises along the way, too. Here’s a reminder of some of the highlights we have lined up for Season 1.

Star Wars Hunters

 The enthusiasm we have seen to bring Star Wars: Hunters to platforms beyond mobile and Nintendo Switch has been exciting, and although we don’t have any news about additional platforms for Star Wars: Hunters right now, we are always looking at ways to bring new players into the Arena.


We have also heard some of your concerns with matchmaking since Star Wars: Hunters has entered worldwide launch, particularly from those of you who have been with us since our soft launch period.

We have taken steps to reduce timeouts while also preserving match quality and will continue to monitor performance and make adjustments as needed. Our goal is to ensure everyone can play the game while having a fair and fun experience. Please keep the feedback coming and let us know if you see that the work the team is doing is helping you get into games more quickly.

Mobile/Nintendo Switch Cross Platform Account Linking Issues

We became aware of an issue affecting Nintendo Switch players who were attempting to link their mobile Star Wars: Hunters account to their Nintendo Switch after having previously played the game on Switch. If you are experiencing this issue it will be necessary to contact our Player Support Team in order to link your accounts.

To expedite the process, please provide the Player ID numbers for both accounts, which are listed on the "Account" tab in "Settings" inside the game. Please note which Player ID number is the mobile device account number associated with the progress and items you wish to retrieve, and which Player ID number is the one currently associated with your Nintendo Switch. They can then update the account data and successfully link your accounts.

Interested in using your mobile Star Wars: Hunters account on your Nintendo Switch?

Follow these steps:

  • Install Star Wars: Hunters on your Nintendo Switch (requires a verified Nintendo account with online play to download)

  • Launch Star Wars: Hunters on the Switch.

  • The very first time you get to the login screen, enter the email address that is associated with your mobile Star Wars: Hunters account.

  • Check your email account for a verification code and enter it on the Switch login screen.

  • Your accounts will now be linked.

Coming soon in the Arena

We have several new and exciting events running to welcome new players over the next few weeks in Season 1. These events include Raw Anger (featuring Damage Hunters), Earn Your Place (featuring Ranked mode), and this Season’s Clash event, Cost Of Honor. Players will join the side of Mandalorian Vanguard Aran Tal or notorious bounty hunter Imara Vex, and score for their team by completing challenges. Players can complete events to earn Arena Pass XP, Credits, Fame, and cosmetics!

Star Wars Hunters

Speaking of Aran Tal, he is our first Hunter of the Week. Did you know: Aran is a champion both inside and outside of the Arena; he gives most of his Arena winnings away to charity. We’ve already got almost 1500 players that have taken Aran Tal to Fame Level 25!

Star Wars Hunters

In the coming weeks we will start to tell you more about our plans for the future of Star Wars: Hunters, which will introduce new content, battlefields, game modes and new Hunters! We are excited for what’s to come and to continue receiving your feedback as we deliver the best game that we can.

The Galaxy is Watching. Stay tuned for all the action!

The Star Wars: Hunters Team!