Hello Arena fans and welcome to Quests!
Star Wars: Hunters
Star Wars: Hunters
Star Wars: Hunters

Quests are an exciting new addition to Star Wars: Hunters that give players a series of challenges which grant rewards once completed! 

To start off the player's journey in Hunters, the Arena Insider Quest will take the player on a tour through all of Hunters systems.

Like Events, the player must complete these tasks to progress each quest, and can gain unique rewards such as the playable Hunter; Utooni, the Jawa Scavengers!

The Arena Insider Quest is just the beginning, players can unlock more Quests by meeting their unlock conditions!

Star Wars Hunters


Several Hunter-specific Quests have been added to give the player more opportunities to shine as their favorite Hunter with unique cosmetics and pick up new ones. 

In this initial release of Quests the following Hunters will have their own specific Quests: 

  • Charr

  • Imara Vex

  • Sentinel

  • Rieve

  • Sprocket

  • Utooni

Aside from the new Seasonal Hunter, Charr, all of these require the player to raise their Hunter's fame level to 5. For Charr, just unlock him in the Arena Pass and you can start your Quest journey with him!

As well as Hunter-specific Quests, we also offer a pair of Player Level Related Challenges that ask the player to reach Player Level 20 and 50 respectively, these Player Mastery Quests really give the player something to tackle even when reaching our current level cap!


Each Quest is made up of Parts, each Part contains a set of Challenges, completing each Challenge will reward the player with progress to the final Part reward. Once all parts are completed the Quest is complete and then the final reward can be gained! 


Quests will continue to expand and add more long-term challenges for players to sink their teeth into, so stay tuned!