Introducing Ranked Mode

Welcome to Ranked Mode!
Star Wars: Hunters
Star Wars: Hunters
Star Wars: Hunters

Star Wars: Hunters is all about battling it out in the Arena with your favorite Hunters, and now we are introducing a whole new way to prove you really are a true legend of Vespaara - Ranked Mode! This will be arriving in our new update!


We would love to hear feedback from you about the mode and what could be changed to make it a really great experience in the future. Please add any feedback you have to our Google form HERE

We cannot wait to see you battle it out with the best in the Arena, and fight to be a Hero of the Arena. 

How will it work?

Star Wars Hunters

In our 0.19 update, when players reach level 11 they will unlock Ranked Mode. Each Ranked Season will be a 7 week journey for Players where they will climb through a series of Leagues and Divisions by competing in competitive matches. 

Players will be able to enter a Ranked match via the Ranked queue in the game mode select screen where they will play 1 of 3 game modes chosen randomly:

  • Squad brawl 

  • Dynamic Control

  • Trophy Chase


Star Wars Hunters

Star Wars: Hunters
Star Wars: Hunters
Star Wars: Hunters

Leagues are what we use to measure where a player sits in Ranked Mode, and players can be promoted or demoted based on their performance in Ranked Mode. Each League is made up of 3 divisions and this should allow for players to regularly come up against opponents that match their ability.

The Leagues system from lowest to highest looks like this:

  • Bronzium

  • Chromium

  • Aurodium

  • Beskar

  • Kyber

Within each League, there will be 3 Divisions named after the League level the player is currently at. For example, the Chromium League will consist of Chromium III, Chromium II, and Chromium I.


Players progress through the Divisions and leagues by gaining Ranked Points. After each match, players will either win or lose Ranked Points depending on the match outcome. 

The amount of Points won and lost is determined by the League the Player is in. Players will also gain additional Points based on their performance in the match. Each Division of each League will feature a specified Ranked Point total the player must attain in order to be promoted to that Division, and if they fall below the threshold they will be demoted.


Players will be given rewards every time they move up a Division, they will be given even bigger rewards when they are promoted to a new League for the first time. These rewards can be claimed immediately and won’t be lost if you are demoted at a later point in the Season.

In 0.19, Players have the opportunity to earn the following rewards by working their way up to the very top of Kyber:

  • 1 legendary costume and weapon wrap set

  • 1 epic costume and weapon wrap set

  • 5 Ranked Limited Edition avatars (one for each league)

  • Additional currency and Hunter Fame rewards


Star Wars Hunters

Ranked Mode isn’t just about climbing the ladder to gain rewards, Ranked Mode will also feature a Global Leaderboard which will display the top 100 players ranked by their total Ranked Mode points. 

The leaderboard will display each player’s:

  • Current Rank number (and if you are not in the top 100 then the percentage of the total population e.g. top 25% is shown)

  • Avatar

  • Name

  • League and Division

  • Total Ranked Points

If you’re not in the top 100 players world wide, the menu will display your current position at the bottom of the leaderboard with information about your current placement.

Division leaderboard

Players will also be able to view a Division-specific leaderboard which will display the player's relative position in the Division and a selection of 99 other players within the current Division.

The closer to the top of the division leaderboard, the closer the player is to ranking up. Ranking up to a new division will move the player to a new division leaderboard.


Players will be able to access Ranked Mode via the Home Screen Navigation Bar.

Ranked Home

Within Ranked Home players are able to see:

  • The name of the Season

  • The time left of the Ranked Season

  • Their current League and Division

  • Their current Ranked Points and the points required to reach the next Division

  • The players current placement in the Division leaderboard unless the player is in the top 100, where the top players will be shown

  • The Ranked Season reward 

Players can access the Ranked Season Reward track from the Ranked Home Menu. This reward track screen provides players with a view of the entire reward track of the current Season and will allow Players to claim any rewards they might earn.

Players can also access the leaderboards from the Ranked Home, where they can select to view the top 100 or Division leaderboard.

After The Match

After each Ranked Match, Players will see their current Rank displayed alongside the Points they earned in the most recent match, and the progress that they are making to the next Rank. If a Player ranks up after a match then a Rank-Up celebration will introduce them to their new League!

Players will also be able to see their teammate's ranks in the post-match team statistics which will show up as Avatar Frames