The Man, The Myth, The Mandalorian Aran Tal!

Who is Aran Tal?
Star Wars: Hunters
Star Wars: Hunters
Star Wars: Hunters

Greetings Hunters Fans, 

It’s a big week in the Arena as we welcome our newest Hunter - Aran Tal! We know some of you have been looking forward to meeting Aran, and we cannot wait to see how you’ll use him to shake things up in the Arena. Read on to learn all about our resident Mandalorian! 


Who Is Aran Tal?

Everyone loves a heroic champion, and Aran Tal does not disappoint. As the last scion of Mandalorian Clan Tal, wearing its his ancestral armor, he bears the weight of his familial responsibility with dogged determination. The roar from the crowd is explosive when this warrior of justice jetpacks into the Arena, blasters a-blazing and fountains of flame scorching the air. 

A man of virtue and honor, Aran Tal places himself at odds with Imara Vex, whose profession of bounty hunting he feels lacks integrity.


What Can We Expect From Aran Tal? 

Aran has three active abilities in the Arena that he uses to dominate his opponents!

Jetpack Boost: Aran boosts in any direction, knocking back enemies and dealing damage. Can be used twice before cooldown. 

Tal’s Breath: Aran fires a jet of flame ahead of him.

Air Assault: Aran can continue to fire while using his jetpack to fly forward, and then slam down to the ground, dealing damage and knocking back enemies.

 With these abilities, Aran is really bringing the heat to all his matches! 

Who Are Aran Tal’s Allies and Rivals? 

 Aran Tal has always been a bit of a ‘lone akk dog,’ as trust does not come easily to him. He wears his armor like a second skin, and few have come to know much about the man beneath it. He prefers to keep others at a distance, but perhaps in time he might develop some connection to other Hunters in the Arena…

 While Aran hasn’t put any effort into making friends, he’s had no trouble racking up his fair share of rivals. Word has it that he has a strong disdain for bounty hunters, whom Aran considers to be dishonorable. Imara Vex might have a thing or two to say to this new arrival, and we all know Vex likes to do her talking with a blaster…  

 We hope this feature on Aran Tal has given you all the information you need to cheer on Aran with confidence as he jetpacks into the Arena. Stay tuned for more updates on the Arena. May your matches be victorious and your credits overflowing!