Star Wars: Hunters
Star Wars: Hunters
Star Wars: Hunters

Welcome to the Arena! We are thrilled to officially launch Star Wars: Hunters worldwide and invite in new Hunters fans to experience all that the game has to offer. We also want to give a very big thanks to the many dedicated players who supported the game throughout the soft launch as we prepared it for the big time. Your messages, video streams, and engagement with our game motivated our development team to keep hard at work, and we are very grateful that you chose to join us on this journey! 

The soft launch of our game allowed us to test new content and features and gather feedback from the community to improve the game. We think this is the best version of Star Wars: Hunters™ yet, but it’s only the beginning! We’ve just launched an official Discord to give you a chance to share ideas, meet community members and perhaps even get a sneak peak of content before it hits our socials, so we hope you’ll join us there! 

For all the players who have already been battling it out in the Arena, thank you again for your time and your feedback - it’s meant the world to us. And for all our new players, we look forward to hearing your ideas for how to make the game even better. 

Read on to see some patch notes that give a guide to the changes lined up for Worldwide Launch, and what’s to come in Season One!”

Day 1 Rewards

As a huge thank you to the community for how many of you have pre-registered before launch, the first thing players can do after logging on at launch will be able to claim a special bundle in the shop during the first week of Season 1! This bundle contains a costume and weapon wrap for Imara Vex, a victory pose for Grozz, and avatars! Be sure to claim this bundle before it leaves the shop.

Nintendo Switch Exclusive Reward

Those playing Hunters on Switch will be able to unlock the Shift Veteran Imara Vex costume, as well as the Imara Vex Shift Blaster weapon wrap! 

Aran Tal Enters the Arena

Introducing our new Hunter for Season 1 - Aran Tal! Wielding two blasters and using his jetpack to fly circles around his foes, he's sure to add some heat to the Arena.

Aran uses his Jetpack Boost ability to avoid enemy attacks, and to traverse around the Arena. He uses his Air Assault ability to launch himself towards opponents, unleashing damage with his Dual Blaster Pistols.

But watch out! If you get too close to Aran you might feel the burn from his Tal's Breath ability, alongside his Ultimate, Fury of Clan Tal which sees Aran flying around the Arena unleashing flames upon his opponents.

Season Pass - Welcome to the Arena

Season 1 is absolutely filled to the brim with content, including Hunter Aran Tal, three Legendary and three Epic costumes! Plus a whole heap of stickers, credits, Crystals, avatars and poses!

We’ve also updated the shop with exciting content, including a new mega bundle for our seasonal hunter, Aran Tal.

Ranked Mode and Events

Star Wars Hunters

All-new Ranked Season with a Legendary Imara Vex costume set to earn! Play Ranked mode events to earn rewards as you make progress. The Ranked Season will reset at the end of each season, so make sure to battle hard right from the start to earn your place at the top!

We also have the Pinnacle Clash Event, pitting two of our fiercest Hunters Imara Vex and Aran Tal, head to head! In this event, you will be randomly assigned to battle for one side or the other. Win matches, and beat milestones to unlock new rewards.

Make sure to participate in as many events as you can across Season 1 to earn rewards in the new Balada’s Bounty Event!

New Map

Star Wars Hunters

Introducing Vespaara Row, where Hunters battle through downtown Vespaara, spanning the ORSN broadcast station, local transit hub, and relay bridge connecting the two. This map features a tight crossroads street, with four corner buildings, where you’ll battle across rooftops and building interiors.

New Cosmetic Content

Star Wars Hunters

There are hundreds of new pieces of Cosmetic content going out in 1.0.0.

These include costumes, weapon wraps, stickers, avatars and victory poses.

This content will be released through the Arena Pass, Bundles and Events.

  • 104 Costumes

  • 104 Weapon Wraps

  • 51 Avatars

  • 83 Stickers

  • 57 Victory Poses

Bug Fixes, Performance and Player Surveys

Player survey requests may appear throughout the season. Your feedback goes directly to our designers to help us improve the experience for our players.

We’ve also made many bug fixes, improvements to general stability, and made some minor user experience improvements.