Star Wars: Hunters
Star Wars: Hunters

Mon Calamari Prodigy

Arena Persona

Sprocket is a wide-eyed whiz kid who has never met a technical problem he couldn’t solve! Inside the Arena, that translates to a combatant who more than makes up for his lack of brawn with his quick thinking, fast reflexes, and superior technology. He’s also a passionate fan of Hunters of the Outer Rim, and his childlike enthusiasm can warm the hearts of even the toughest members of the audience.

There will always be a special bond between Sprocket and J-3DI because Sprocket built and programmed the droid himself. He sees J-3DI as one of his greatest achievements, acting like a proud father whenever the droid makes an appearance!

Star Wars: Hunters
Star Wars: Hunters


Blaster Remotes

Don’t be fooled, these are no training droids. Hunters will have to be fast on their feet to outrun Sprocket's modded Blaster Remotes.

Passive moves

Movement speed boosted for several seconds after activating any ability


Sprocket may look harmless, but he commands his droids in the Arena with the skill of a holochess game master. The modifications he’s given the droids make them quite a bit more deadly than the holographic monsters from Dejarik.

Spawn a huge turret that attacks enemies, prioritizing opponents marked with Targeting Droid
Star Wars: Hunters
Star Wars: Hunters

Meet the Hunters

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